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where we commemorate the mission of the school throughout its 150 years, -- 1864 - 2014 -- and honor
all those who have attended, taught and served!

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14 Holy Helpers

  • St. Denis
  • St. Blase
  • St. Erasmus
  • St. Eustace
  • St. Catherine of Alexandria

  • St. Margaret of Antioch
  • St. Christopher
  • St. Pantaleon
  • St. Barbara
  • St. George

  • St. Cyriacus
  • Mother Mary
  • St. Vitus
  • St. Achatius
  • St. Giles


Father Dennis J. J. Mancuso shares
information about the motto, the shield, the lamp, and our school seal.

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Read about Fourteen Holy Helpers School's
core values and dedication to educating children.

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View a list of our wonderful faculty members
and their contact information.

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